Piggy Packs

0 Comments 23 April 2008

I know, I know, I’ve been talking about a lot of bags lately — but I just can’t resist these! You just know that if your kid(s) had one of these you would be stopped (and perhaps even chased down) by every mother in a 10 foot radius to ask “where you got it”.

It’s meant for ages 3-6 which is perfect for that age when they want to bring every toy they own with them. It also makes them feel special to have a bag of their own stuff that they can bring with them. Even better, you don’t have to carry anything!

I really like that these backpacks have a collapsible handle so that they can roll it along behind them. Comes in duck, pig, frog, penguin, and ladybug. What a cute birthday gift! $24.95 at Calliope Boutique.


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