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Ultimate Guide to Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Fashion: Week 2

14 Comments 23 May 2012

You know, most seasons of The Bachelorette are filled with hot tubs and make out scenes. So far this season Emily Maynard has baked cookies, been the snack mom at Ricki’s soccer game, and had a show with The Muppets for charity.

I love it.

It’s about time that the Bachelorette is someone who is not only adorable and confident, but real. Emily Maynard makes no apologies about her life with Ricki, her life as a mom, nor should she have to. I love her for it.

Do you know what else makes me love Emily Maynard? Her love of all things that glitter. How many sparkly things did you count in that last episode of The Bachelorette? Personally, I stopped trying after 5.

While I love all of the glitter, it was great to see Emily dressed ‘down’ so to speak. I loved this azure blue and white cropped bobo top from Generation Love and honestly, I’m dying for one of my own. I’m getting so many searches and emails about this top and I can’t say I blame any of you – so here ya go!

Trying to play catch up on all of Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Fashion? Check it out!

Emily Maynard blue and white top
Emily looked red hot in this Nightcap one sleeve dress and these very affordable glittery Mariela pumps from International Concepts at Macy’s.

Emily Maynard one sleeve red lace dress
Emily Maynard glitter pumps
How fun was Emily’s charity date with The Muppets? That must have been incredibly fun to film – moreso because she got to wear this gorgeous Spearmint Sequin Cami Dress by Thalia – which I can only find on Rent The Runway.

emily maynard sequin dress
When I watched the episode I all but broke my fingers trying to grab a screen shot of this gorgeous pink sequin skirt. Imagine my dismay to discover that it is by Randi Rahm, costs well over 4 grand, and is by custom order only. Sad Erika.

Emily Maynard Pink Sequin Skirt
I love that Emily sort of laid it all out there on the line for Jef at the after party – proving that even the most gorgeous women sometimes feel a bit insecure. She has googly eyes for that one – I think he’s one to watch. I also drooled over her black dress with a sheer lace back as well as Emily’s strappy, glittery Christian Louboutins.

Emily Maynard Sheer Back Black Lace Dress
Emily Maynard Christian Louboutin
I could feel that her date with Joe was doomed from the start. Even my fiance’ said that Joe didn’t do enough to ‘sell himself’ so I was totally bummed that she wasted so many good clothes on a date with zero chemistry – including her pink strapless dress by Jean Fares couture – the same designer as the dress from the first night and tonight’s purple rose ceremony dress as well. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here?

Emily clearly loves dresses, much like I do, so I am so excited that we get to see her not only in rose ceremony gowns, but in everyday dresses as well. I fell especially hard for this gold dress – appropriately named the Metallic Gold Princess Dress by Gig.

Emily Maynard gold dress
How great was Emily’s bikini? I personally snatched it up today, on sale, at Nordstrom.

Emily Maynard bikini
I read that Emily fell in love with this Pink Jean Fares Couture gown but it was decided that it was too big for the first night or for the proposal night so that it was agreed that she could wear it in the promo shots and also on this date. I have to say, while I like the bottom of this dress, it’s a bit too senior prom for me, and I would have liked to see Emily in something a bit more sophisticated. However, as a gal with a princess complex myself, I can truly say that I get it, Emily. I get it.

Emily Maynard pink gown
One of my favorite items of the night, as strange as it might seem, was Emily’s lightweight but adorably feminine robe. It looked pink on TV, but it turns out it is actually a coral color, and is called the Serendipity Robe by Love Ophelia. Love!

Emily Maynard Pink Robe on the Bachelorette

Continuing on a streak of dresses that I wasn’t too fond of, Emily donned yet another Jean Fares Couture dress for the evenings rose ceremony. While I actually really liked the dress, I just didn’t love it on Emily. But, just like the men this season, there are some that I will like, and some that she will like – though they may not all be the same ones. However, Emily did pair her gown with a pair of earrings by one of my favorite designers, Alexis Bittar. I believe that these earrings were created exclusively for Nordstrom by Alexis Bittar, and are now sold out. However, you never know what will happen, so keep checking back!

Emily Maynard Earrings
Emily Maynard purple dress
That about sums up this week’s Bachelorette fashion. Did I miss something that you want me to ID? Leave a comment and I’ll try and find it for you! Can’t get enough Emily Maynard fashion? Check out last week’s bachelorette fashion roundup!

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14 Comments so far

  1. Alishia Klynstra says:

    Where is the white bikini from that she wore??? I need that ASAP! I believe it was the last episode when her and ricki were in the pool!

  2. Lisa says:

    Where did she get the bathing suit skirt she was wearing in Caracao? It was a neon skirt with long slits!

  3. sparklycat says:

    hi, I love all things glitter too:) Do you know who makes the sparkly hoop earrings that she wears with the red lace nightcap dress? thanks!

  4. Rachel @ YellowTennessee says:

    I love the pink skirt the most. It is so cute and fun.

  5. Shell Fruscione says:

    I LOOOOVE the Randi Rahm skirt & the Metallic Gold Princess dress, but really it’s all super cute!

  6. Kristie says:

    Great job identifying all of the looks. I love the bathing suit too!

  7. LOVE all the looks you covered from the episode, Emily’s style is hands-down the best of all the Bachelorette’s to date. I cover her looks for less at my blog thebudgetista.com. Check it out and keep up the great work!

    cheers, Elizabeth


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