Have Your Cake, But Don’t Eat It!

12 Comments 06 March 2009

diaper-cakeHello all! Sarah here again with another great baby product! Have you all seen how adorable Diaper Cakes are? I had heard of them, but when an amazing creation by Diaper Cakewalk showed up on my doorstep I was completely blown away. These things are precious! Diaper Cakes make an amazing addition to any baby shower as a decoration, but more that that they are a wonderful gift for a soon-to-be mom. The Diaper Cakewalk Cakes are of course full of diapers (sizes 1-2), which is a much needed gift for any mom, but they are also covered in useful baby items! My cake has wash cloths, a pacifier, a rattle, a precious stuff bunny that plays music, lotion, baby powder, shampoo, an adorable pacifier clip ( to keep the pacifier attached to the baby rather than on the dirty floor…someone is very clever out there), and more! It’s like it’s very own mom’s survival kit all wrapped in a perfect package!

Diaper Cakewalk goes the extra mile to make them an easy choice when ordering a diaper cake. First off, they have Sampler Diaper Cakes. This is simply a cake made from the top three brands of diapers. This allows first time moms to try out the different brands and find what they like best for their sweet baby! They also have Eco-Friendly Diaper cakes, which lots of environmentally aware soon to be moms will love. They even have Do-It-Yourself diaper cakes, which basically come as the ready made cake without the decorations and goodies so you can design your own theme! If you are on a budget or just want something small, they do have mini-diaper cakes which are just as cute as their big brothers. Did I mention they make diaper castles? They do. And they are amazing.

Diaper Cakewalk seems to have covered all angles of making the perfect diaper cake for your soon-to-be mom. Take a look at all the themed cakes over at their site as soon as you have time. I am sure you will fall in love with them just like I did!

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  1. Cathryn says:

    I got a cake from them and it was a good cake. I\’m not sure if its only on my cake but on the top tier, it was missing a diaper in the center. So I had to grab a diaper and roll it up and place it there. Otherwise it was a great cake and everyone loved it at the shower!

  2. michelle says:

    These are so cute! I love them. I got one for my shower and I hated to take it apart, My cousin just told me yesterday that she is making one for a bacholorette party with pads and all kinds of fun things for the bedroom!

  3. MaryAnne says:

    it’s funny how times get recycled…diaper cakes, towel cakes, you name it were the rage in the late 70’s early 80’s..this is happening alot lately :-) they’re real cute and an excellent party favor at showers!

  4. Janet Carpenter says:

    What a great idea! I’ve never seen one of these outside of pictures. I never thought diapers could look so pretty and all the “treats” decorating the cake would be fun to use.

  5. danielle says:

    How cute, these would make adorable baby shower centerpieces, cute to look at and great for the mom to be to be sent home with:)

  6. These diaper cakes are such an awesome idea & the perfect gift to give at baby showers!

  7. Sarah says:

    Yay! You got the picture. These diaper cakes really are so cute. I love them!

  8. Leslie M. says:

    I love this…. what a Cute idea!!!!

  9. Nancy C. says:

    A very practical and ultra cute gift for a new Mom!


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