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Celebrate Easter With Kids: Make Resurrection Rolls

0 Comments 20 March 2015

Resurrection Rolls are a super-simple, very tasty, and really fun project for a weekend morning leading up to Easter. I do this with my kids every year and they absolutely love it.  It’s simple enough for them to make, and the “ah-ha!” moment that they have the first time you cut into one for them is just absolutely prices.  My son actually screamed the first time we cut one open – he was that shocked.

So what is the point of making these ‘Resurrection Rolls’ at Easter?  They symbolize the Easter story – these rolls begin with a marshmallow inside of them and the marshmallow symbolizes Jesus. You will prepare the marshmallow for ‘burial’ by dipping it in butter and rolling it in cinnamon sugar before finally wrapping it in crescent roll dough.  After you leave them in the “tomb” for 3 days (actually the oven for the amount of time as directed on the packaging of the crescent rolls) the marshmallow is gone and the roll is hollow.  Just like Jesus disappeared from the tomb and rose from the dead!

These are really simple to make and cost about 8 dollars in total – and that is only if you have to buy everything on the list.  Most likely you have most of these things on hand already.  I made a quick run to Walmart to grab crescent roll dough – I used the Great Value Brand – and it doesn’t matter if it is reduced fat, etc.

So here’s what you need to make your very own Resurrection Rolls:

*  Melted Butter
*  Cinnamon Sugar
*  8 large marshmallows
*  1 package of crescent roll dough

resurrection rolls for easter


1.  Take one large marshmallow and bathe it in the melted butter.


Easter Ideas for Kids - resurrection rolls



2.  Immediately transfer your buttery marshmallow to the cinnamon sugar mixture, and roll it around until it is completely covered.



how to make resurrection rolls


3.  Unroll your crescent roll dough and then wrap your marshmallows in it – making sure to seal off any cracks.


marshmallows in crescent rolls cinnamon sugar



6.  When you have finished them all – they should look something like this.  They are not shaped like crescents – they take on the shape of the marshmallow inside of them.  Again, do your best to look over them and check for openings in the dough, and close up any openings that you find.


Easy Easter lessons for kids -  make resurrection rolls



7.  At this point, the crescent rolls usually take about 10 minutes to bake.  I read John 20 to them from a children’s Bible at this point – the story of Jesus rising from the dead.

8.  When the rolls are finished baking, I pull them out of the oven and give them about 5 minutes to cool (careful – the insides can be extremely hot) before handing one to everyone.


Resurrection Rolls


Your final product will look something like this — and if your kids are like mine they will be absolutely amazed.  Where did the marshmallow go?  We know it was there because we put them in the oven ourselves – and no one opened it or took anything out!  Seeing is believing!

Happy Easter!



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