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Revive and Refresh Your Home Decor with Rustoleum

0 Comments 13 May 2016

Certainly by now you’ve heard the term “upcycling” – and for good reason.  What’s old is new again with some creative thinking and a bit of paint.  This goes for everything from old dressers, to patio furniture, to accent pieces around the house.  I recently redecorated my daughter’s room and on a whim, decided to repaint an old dresser to use as her nightstand.  It took a bit of work but to be honest the piece is absolutely fantastic – one of my favorite pieces in the entire house (I’m sort of jealous actually, and want to steal it).

So, when I received an email from Walmart and the team at Rust-Oleum telling me that I would soon receive a “mystery package” of items to breathe new life into with a few cans of paint, I was beside myself with excitement.  What would I receive?  What would I do with them?

Luckily I didn’t have to wait long until these 3 candle holders from Better Homes and Gardens showed up on my doorstep!


Rustoleum Home Decor Makeover 1


I’ll be totally honest – I think these are already super cute!  However as you can see I wanted to use them as a centerpiece on my table and my table is a dark mahogany – just like the candle holders! They definitely blended in too much with my table, so I decided a little update with a few cans of Rust-Oleum would do the trick!


Rustoleum Home Decor Update 2


I’m already famous in this house for being Queen Midas – I buy and paint everything in gold – so naturally I was going to stick with what I loved.  I decided to use a white as a base coat, and to make them shimmer with gold ever so slightly with a light touch of metallic gold spray paint by Rust-Oleum.  The cool thing about these paints is that they bond even to plastic – which was super important since my candle holders are made of resin (which is a synthetic polymer – ie plastic) (also, science FTW!).

Rustoleum Candle Holder Makeover 3

I took my candle holders outside and set them up on a large piece of cardboard.  I popped the cap off of the white Rust-Oleum and within 5 minutes I had completely coated all 3 candle holders in my first coat of white.  I purchased the American Accents “Ultra Cover” which is supposed to cover 2 times as well as a traditional spray paint – and it absolutely did!  I thought I would have to cover the candle holders in at least 2 coats of paint – but when I came back to check on the candle holders after an hour or so I discovered that a second coat wouldn’t even be necessary!

Detail close up Rustoleum Makeover


After giving the gold can of paint a good shake I sprayed it over the candle holders with a light touch of gold – and voila! I had a stand-out set of candle holders to use as a centerpiece on my dining room table!  What do you think?

Have you ever used paint to upcycle or DIY home accents with paint?  Share your ideas and projects with me in the comments – I’d love to hear!  And a big thank you to Walmart and Rust-Oleum for this super fun project!


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