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6 Comments 26 February 2009

Hi CSC readers! Sarah here again with a new baby product review! A couple of months ago Nick and I went to do our pre-registering-scouting-trip-so-that-we-won’t-be-overwhelmed-with-registering thing (what? It’s a thing, right? All soon-to-be first time parents take the scouting trip…I am sure of it!) The Born Free product line caught my eye as soon as we entered the bottles and pacifier section. I am not going to lie, it caught my eye originally because the word FREE cracks me up when it comes to this baby. After all of our infertility struggles I gotta say that this baby will most definitely be Born Loved, and Born Desperately Wanted, but really not Born FREE. So in my head I planned to register for some of the products just as my own personal joke with myself. I am easily amused.

pacifiers2Anyway, imagine my surprise when I get to actually review some of the Born Free products! This was stuff I was going to buy anyway, does life get any better? I have now learned that there are TONS of great reasons to buy Born Free products, most of them well beyond the fact that the name amuses me. The actual key to the line is that it is BPA and PVC free. If you have been reading Erika for long, you know she is a huge advocate for all things natural and especially BPA free. Her focus on the issue made me very aware of the plastic containers I owned, and I knew I wanted all BPA-free products for the baby. This means that Born Free was perfect!

The company has a full line of bottles (both BPA-free and glass) along with BPA free nipples, training cups and teetherdrinking cups. The newest addition to their line of products are their pacifiers and teethers which are the two official products I am reviewing. Both products seem wonderful. The pacifiers are for day and night use and have a cute little flexible handle so to not inhibit sleep. They are orthodontic and collapsible to encourage the natural development of baby’s teeth and gums and a breathable shield to reduce skin irritation. The teether is designed by a pediatric dentist so that it stimulates and soothes baby’s’ gums and allows for easier teeth eruption. It can be stored in the refrigerator and features a built-in cavity for anesthetic paste, an easy-grip handle and five different textures to keep the baby entertained.

What it comes down to for me is that these are basic must-haves for all babies. If you are going to buy pacifiers and teethers, why not get the best? Get the ones that will have no chemicals for you to worry about later, and that are designed by dentists in the pedeatirc field. Seems like the obvious choice to me. So if you are in the market for some wonderful baby bottles, pacifiers and teethers, then check out Born Free. You can find it pretty much everywhere!

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  1. michelle says:

    I agree, babies use pacifiers so much, I would rather spend a bit more and not have to worry


  2. Lauren says:

    We *heart* Born Free products!! It’s the only bottle that my preemie does fabulous with! Definately imitates the breast as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Since he was 8 weeks early, he’s hooked on the Soothie pacifiers….but with time, I hope to get him hooked on the Born Free ones!
    Thanks for your review!

  3. Elisa says:

    LOVE BornFree. Only way I’d love them more: if they made spillproof sippy cups.

    • Erika says:

      That is SUCH a good point. My 2 year old still turns them over and can literally “pour” the liquid everywhere. Spill proof would be nice.

  4. Tamara B. says:

    They have such excellent products. Isn’t fun looking and shopping for baby items, I just love the clothes.


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