Walmart Shareholders Meeting 2012 (Now with Justin Timberlake!)

1 Comment 15 June 2012

I know I know – when you read that I went to a “shareholders meeting” all you can think is “um, hello Snoozefest!”

That is, unless we’re talking about the world-famous Walmart Shareholders meeting – which is more like a star-studded Walmart love-fest and celebration with a dash of business thrown in. Which frankly, is exactly how I like my business.

So anyway, I did – I went to Bentonville, Arkansas with my fellow Walmart Moms for the annual Walmart Shareholders meeting. It was pretty banana boat – I couldn’t believe all of the people who were there that were just flat out PASSIONATE about Walmart and all that the company does for people. And really, though I’ve been working with Walmart for over 3 years now – I fell in love with the company all over again.

Did you know that Walmart invites and pays for associates from all over the world to attend the Shareholders meeting? Before I left from home I was watching some videos from last year on Walmart’s YouTube channel, and some of the stories are just incredible – like this one which made me super emotional:


And you know what? This meeting is filled with thousands of people who feel just like that about their company. They have so much pride in what they do and they are full of energy and passion – it is truly contagious.

I mean, even Justin Timberlake got in on the fun! How can you not love a company who manages to coax one of the hottest celebrities in the world to dress up like this:

Justin Timberlake at Walmart Shareholders


By the way, we got to meet Justin in the hallway just moments after this. The exchange went a little something like this:

Me: (whispering and staring) OMG that’s JT! We are standing RIGHT. NEXT. TO. HIM.

Justin Timberlake: (looks up and seems me whispering, staring, and giggling) Hi there.

Me: (glazed eyes and flushed) Hhhiiii.

And then I flashed him my most winning smile and kept walking before I turned myself into and even bigger idiot.

But still, that was cool.

Oh, and Taylor Swift was there! I like, super duper love her. I’m pretty sure I was the most excited person in the room AND the only person who knew all of the words to her songs but that’s ok – I was excited. Plus, could she be any cuter? And seemingly sweeter? Also, how many people do you know that can rock a red lip or play a blinged-out guitar? Exactly.

Taylor Swift Walmart Shareholders


There was also the Zac Brown Band, Lionel Richie (that was fun!) and of course, Celine Dion – “zee best singer in zee vorld!” to close out the show. Oh, and we were like 20 rows from the front. I was checking celebrity meetings and concerts off of my life list left and right.


Celine Dion Walmart Shareholders


Oh, and check out how busy and important I look in this photo. :) Heehee. Clearly I’m brainstorming ways to take over the world, one Walmart at a time.


Walmart Shareholders


Truly, going to Shareholders with the Walmart Moms was a great experience that I’ll never forget. Thank you to the Walmart team that saw the value in brining us out to Bentonville to experience it – I’ll never forget the passion that I felt in that room – it was electric.


Disclosure: I am a Walmart Mom and this post is on behalf of my role in that program. All of the opinions here are 100% my own.


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