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Fourth and Grand Case Unboxing

2 Comments 13 August 2012

I recently signed up for a new service called Fourth and Grand that sends me a box of new shirts and ties every month based on my style preferences. I get to pick the items I want to keep and send back the rest. I’m only charged for what stays with me. I love Fourth and Grand because it’s so easy. I’m a busy dad with too much going on. A trip to the mall is my personal definition of hell, and even shopping online can be time consuming. It takes a lot of time to find items that I really love. Which is why I was so excited to learn about Fourth and Grand. (They recently changed their name from Gentlemen Square.) When I heard about them I got on the waiting list immediately.

Fourth & Grand Case

When I received my invite, I spoke with a friendly style consultant who asked me about what I liked and didn’t like, the brands that I wore and my sizing information. Since I first spoke with her, I’ve been anxious to get my hands on my first case. Now that it’s finally arrived I’m happy to say that Fourth and Grand delivers on what they promise. I received a box of awesome, with four shirts (two button downs and a polo) and a tie. They were all from name brands like Ben Sherman, Zara and Banana Republic and it’s obvious from my first case that my stylist really gets me. Keep reading to see what I got and what I kept in my first Fourth and Grand case.

What: Fourth and Grand / Men’s clothes sent direct to your door

What’s Chic: Great clothes matched to your style and delivered every month. Keep what you want, send back the rest. You’re only charged for what you keep.

What’s Weak: I’d love it if they could mix in some pants too, but the shirts and ties are a great place to start.

The Fourth and Grand Unboxing

Your Fourth and Grand case comes in a stylish box that makes it feel like Christmas every month. I was giddy to get my first box and tore right into it. The case is thoughtfully assembled. I had a letter explaining to me what was in my case and why it was chosen for me, along with how much each item in the case was if I chose to keep it. It was even signed by my stylist. She let me know that she thought the red shirt she sent might be a bit of a risk; but she thought I would like it. She was right!

Fourth and Grand case

In addition to the welcome letter the case also included a smart feedback form that let me communicate with my stylist on the items that I returned and why, and how they could improve the next case that I’ll receive. There was also clear information on how the return process works and what I needed to do to return any items to Fourth and Grand. This company has clearly thought about the customer experience and the questions that you’ll have when you receive your case. They eliminated any anxiety I had about returns or the clothes in the case with the letter and feedback forms. It was really well done and a welcome touch.

Fourth and Grand Style Guide

The clothes themselves come neatly assembled and stacked together by “looks”. The looks are put together by the Fourth and Grand stylist as recommended combinations; but each case really comes with several different looks that you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe. They come tied together with a nice piece of bespoke twine and Fourth and Grand tags on everything. The presentation is very nice.

Fourth and Grand Clothes

In my Fourth and Grand case I received:

  • Skinny tie by Ben Sherman ($29.50)
  • Long Sleeved Blue striped button down shirt by Zara ($55)
  • Pink Weekender button down shirt by Zara ($55)
  • Blue and red striped button down by Banana Republic ($55)
  • Blue polo by Ben Sherman ($35)

Ben Sherman and Zara are brands that are dead on for me, and Banana Republic makes nice stuff, even if it’s not right in my wheelhouse. I was excited to see that the stylist had selected brands that fit the information that I provided her during my style consultation. Plus, all of the brands are known for their quality and each item fit well. When I first received my case I was pretty confident that I was only going to keep one or two items; but I ended up keeping three–the two button downs from Zara and the blue polo from Ben Sherman. They just all looked good, and once I tried them on I knew they were going to stay with me.

Fourth and Grand


I chose not to keep the Ben Sherman tie because I already have plenty of ties and don’t have a regular need for them, so I chose to return it. I also chose to return the Banana Republic shirt because it was a bit corporate feeling for my taste. I made sure to include that feedback in my return and I’m excited to see how my next case will change because of it. Once I filled out my feedback I simply dropped my returns into a mail bag and sent them back. It was super easy and now I have three great new shirts to rock. #happydance

Fourth and Grand Returns

Sure, the prices are a little higher than retail, but I know I’m paying for the convenience of having someone shop for me and the shipping and costs to manage my returns. That premium is worth it. Personal shoppers used to be just for the uber-wealthy, but it feels pretty cool knowing that I have someone at Fourth and Grand looking out for me, picking out great looks and making my life easier. I’ll pay a little bit more for all of that.

The best part? I checked my credit card statement and was only billed for the three items I kept. Just as promised.

Fourth and Grand For The Win

Fourth and Grand

If you’re looking to try out a subscription service, or are just sick of shopping, try out Fourth and Grand. They’re a great new way to shop without all the hassle. I’m a happy customer. Fourth and Grand delivered three great shirts and took back the rest–no charge. Now, I can’t wait for my next box. Is it here yet?


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  1. Roxy says:

    Very professionally run. I’m glad they keep promises.

  2. Lisa says:

    What handsome man! Does he come with the clothing? LOL

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