Mummy Juice Boxes for a ‘Fang’tastic Halloween

2 Comments 18 October 2013

We absolutely love crafting in our house, but with two small children at home we often run into the issue of crafts that are time-consuming (“mommmm – how much longer is this gonna taaakkkeee?”) and messy (“ooh, mom, look!  The dog has a blue glitter streak down her back now!”).

So, this Halloween, I opted for a fun project that was simple, not messy, and tons of fun – Mummy Juice Boxes.  At 6 and 7, my kids were able to do this project all by themselves (and then enjoy the finished product for the rest of the week, too!).


Mummy Juice Boxes 1 - Chic Shopper Chick.jpg


We dropped by our local Walmart for some supplies – we needed only 3 things to make this super fun craft:

  1. Juice Boxes (We used TreeTop Apple Juice because those are our fave!)
  2. White “Duck” Tape
  3. Adhesive “Wiggly Eyes


Mummy Juice Boxes 2 - Chic Shopper Chick.jpg


We got to work right away, tearing off strips of the Duck Tape and wrapping the box in it completely, being careful not to cover the straw hole.  We did the first round of wrapping with the full strips of tape, but after the box was completely covered, we went back over it in alternating directions with strips that were torn (not cut) in half length-wise.  This gives it the tattered “mummy” effect.

NB:  This part is not an exact science.  Really, none of this is.  Have fun with it!  No two mummies should look the same!


Mummy Juice Boxes 3 - Chic Shopper Chick.jpg


Then came everyone’s favorite part – attaching the Wiggly Eyes.  Sometimes we used the big eyes, sometimes smaller eyes.  Sometimes we used one of each to make it look even sillier.  Then we finished it off by adding another few strips of tape right around the eyes, to make it look like only the eyes of the mummy were peeking out!


Mummy Juice Boxes 4 - Chic Shopper Chick.jpg

And that was it!  Simple and affordable!  We tucked them away in the refrigerator and added one to each lunch for the rest of the week.  The kids classmates got a huge kick out of it and they were so proud to show off what they made!

Mummy Juice Boxes 5- Chic Shopper Chick.jpg

Don’t forget that you can get more Halloween for your money at Walmart!

What are your favorite Halloween crafts?  Share your ideas and even your links in the comments!




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  1. Sanchez says:

    Looks like Real Juice Packs In Halloween Covers


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