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East Coast Chic in Polos and Plaid

7 Comments 26 June 2014

Most of you have followed me long enough to remember that I’m originally from New Orleans, but you may not realize that my husband is from a small coastal town in Connecticut. He moved to Southern California at the tender age of 18, and over the past 20 years his style has morphed from preppy east coast chic to California casual. He works in a super-casual atmosphere in the tech and startup world, so a typical day finds him in a pair of fitted jeans and a well-worn t-shirt with various logos and clever sayings printed on them.

Of course, his lovely east-coast family often laments the loss of his east coast style (“I still cannot believe it is acceptable to arrive at a business meeting in jeans!” they exclaim) but they shouldn’t worry too much – he still has an affinity for cozy button down shirts, preppy plaid patterns, boat shoes, and polo shirts.  Naturally, when Walmart asked me to check out their huge selection of men’s shorts and polos and I ran across this fabulous combo, I just knew he had to have it.


Men's polos and shorts from Walmart.jpg
I took a photo of these Faded Glory plaid shorts in the store and sent them to his phone with a ‘?’.  He signed off on them with an “awesome” within a minute, so then I wandered over to the polo shirts to find something that would match.  As soon as I ran my hands across this George performance polo, I knew it was a winner.  It is that really soft, really comfortable moisture-wicking fabric that workout clothes are made out of.  As a bonus this fabric doesn’t wrinkle very easily–meaning it fits into our whole “no ironing” household (I haven’t ironed anything in almost 2 years).


Shirt and shorts


The Faded Glory shorts are made from 100% cotton and we did find that they wrinkle more easily than the shirt – but nothing that the dryer and a little Downey Wrinkle Release can’t handle.  Plus, the plaid pattern on the shorts makes the small wrinkles way less noticeable.

The best part is that the price – both pieces were under $10! I purchased the shirt for $9.94 and the shorts for $9.88 – meaning this entire outfit cost a little under $20 before tax.  I was stunned!


Modeling George Polo and Faded Glory Shorts from Walmart.jpg.jpg


The first words out of his mouth when he put this outfit on?  “I look like I’m back east! My mom would love this!”  He completed the look with the boat shoes that he already had in his closet for a real East Coast flashback.  And he is such a great sport – don’t you think?  I just love his fun pose in his new duds!

East coast chic not your style?  Don’t stress – these particular shorts come in 9 different colors including 2 great solids, and the polo shirt comes in 7 different colors – including several striped varieties – so be sure to check it out next time you’re in Walmart!





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7 Comments so far

  1. Sha says:

    I love the outfit that you put together here. It is VERY east coast, but I’m loving it. Also great for the 4th!

  2. Victoria says:

    This outfit is perfect and i’m about to buy this match.

  3. Sylvia Walters says:

    Love the outfit on this adorable man……go pick some outfits out for your man!

  4. sweetnana says:

    What a great picture of a very handsome man. He looks great in his Walmart Outfit!

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