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St. Patrick’s Day: Celtic Knot Headband Tutorial

1 Comment 11 March 2015

Last year I was so lucky to be able to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland. What a trip that was – both literally and figuratively! I recently had my DNA tested and learned that I’m actually a solid 15% Irish, but even if I hadn’t been, I can tell you that after visiting Ireland I was decidedly Irish-at-Heart – now it turns out that I’m an authentic wee lass, too!

When Walmart asked if I would be interested in sharing a bit of my Love of the Irish with you, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day – I decided to incorporate the Celtic Knot.  Celtic Knots have been around in imagery for ages — in Dublin you can see them in the Book Of Kells – which is over 1200 years old! Celtic Knots are generally used in Irish Folklore to represent the oneness of all things, and the interconnectedness of plants, animals, and humans.  They are also commonly used to represent eternity.  Because of this deeper meaning, I thought it might be fun to do something a little different for St. Patrick’s Day by using the Celtic Knot and making a Celtic Knot Headband!




Celtic Knot Headband Tutorial


When I was in my local Walmart a couple of weeks ago, I spotted these really awesome 2 Pack Infinity Scarves by Faded Glory for only $4.97. I noticed that one of the colors was a perfect St. Patrick’s Day green – so I decided to use it to create our no-sew headband tutorial!  It’s quick and easy – all you need are 5 minutes, the scarf, and a pair of scissors!

Steps 1&2:  Spread out the scarf so that it makes a full circle.
Step 3:  Cut into two equal pieces.
Step 4:  Roll the material up, length-wise, to form two pieces.

Celtic Knot Headwrap Tutorial

 Step 5: With one roll, lay it out in the shape of a “U”.  Lay the other one out in the shape of a ribbon, with the “leg” at the top of the ribbon over the top of the “U”.

Step 6: Carefully pull in the bottom leg of the “U” until it is directly underneath the loop of the ribbon.

Step 7 (below): Gently reach through the loop of the ribbon and pull the leg of the “U” up slightly.

Step 8:  Pick up the top leg of the “U”.

Step 9:  Pull the top leg of the “U” through the loop that you pulled up through the ribbon in step 7.

Step 10:  Pull it all the way through, then pull all 4 ends together, gently but firmly, to complete the Celtic Knot.

Celtic Knot DIY headband

It looks harder than it is, I promise!  Anyone can do this super simple look, it’s affordable and it’s perfect for all of your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations! Plus, it has a really great story to go with it – just share the story of the Celtic Knot!


Celtic Knot Headband St. Patrick's Day



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