Almost Married! Keeping sane thanks to UPS MY CHOICE®

1 Comment 10 September 2012

Holy Cow. Remember how last time I updated you on UPS My Choice I was a month out from being married? Well now I’m less than two weeks away from being a married woman. Hold me.

Two weeks from right now I’ll be on my way to LAX with my husband (omg I just said HUSBAND! One more time for effect – are you ready? HUSBAND! Squeee! How cool is that?) to board a plane to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. We are almost as excited about going to Bora Bora as we are about getting married – I am so excited to be going on this trip of a lifetime with the love of my life. Of course, the last thing I need on my honeymoon is stress which is why I’m so glad that UPS My Choice will be handling our mail and keeping track of all of our incoming packages and wedding gifts while we are away.

So remember how I told you that about a year ago my awesome UPS Man told me about UPS My Choice? Well I had this grand plan for this post – I was going to snag him and take a photo with him. However, UPS My Choice is so stinkin’ efficient that unless I’m practically standing at the door when he knocks, it’s hard to catch him! Since we’ve agreed to have packages left on our doorstep, he simply knocks, shouts out “UPS!”, and then he’s off, starting his truck to get to his next delivery. So, since I couldn’t get a photo with him, I took a photo of my door jamb, filled with little notes for all of the “lesser” mail carriers who won’t leave packages unless I sign for them – or worse – bring them to the front office where they take them and return them to sender because my name is not on the lease here. So annoying.


When you’re a bride and you have to accept that delivery of seashells that you PAID RUSH DELIVERY FOR you can’t afford to have your mail carrier mess it up. And you may be laughing, but I did exactly this last week (paid 40 bucks for rush shipping) and another mail carrier ignored these signs and brought it to the front office. They sent it back. I am now out 40 bucks.

If they had used UPS we would have all been much happier. Now I have to spend this weekend in a frenzy making my centerpieces when I thought I was well ahead of the game. Grrr.

Speaking of how much UPS rocks – remember how they wanted to give away a $50 gift card to one of my awesome readers? Well I’m excited to announce that Nicole P. won – and it turns out that Nicole is a fellow September bride like myself who also signed up for UPS My Choice! Super cool, right? Nicole, I’ve sent you an email – be sure to send me your address ASAP!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of UPS My Choice. All opinion are my own – I really do love and use the service. You should too. :)


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  1. Trisha says:

    Congratulations in advance! I also use UPS My Choice everytime I am on a vacation and it is really reliable.

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