New Lala-Oopsy Mermaid Doll Exclusively at Walmart!

1 Comment 23 March 2013

Sometimes a girl just has a bad day. Today was one of those bad days for my sweet girl – she came home from school exhausted only to discover that our dog had eaten her new favorite headband. The one with the purple jewels on it! So she did what any tired kindergartener would do – she ran to her room and cried. I ran in behind her, trying to comfort her but to no avail – it was her new. *sob* favorite. *sob* headbannndddd! *sob sob sob*

Then I remembered the box that had recently arrived on our doorstep from our friends at Walmart and told her I had a surprise for her. Her tears subsided slightly but I could still hear her sobs as I ran into the garage downstairs to open the box. When I got back up to her room she had her back to the door, so I snuck the surprises behind her head – prompting her to smile and slowly lift her head to look behind her.

lalaoopsie at walmart 2


I should have taken a photo just then because the look of joy that spread over her face when she saw her new Lala-Oopsy Mermaid dolls was priceless. She even whispered “Lala-Oopsy?” to me – like if she said it louder I might take them away.


Lalaoopsie at Walmart 1


From that moment on there were no more tears (but you can still see the red eyes in these photos!)

These new Lala-Oopsy dolls are available exclusively at Walmart to coincide with the release of the new Lala-Oopsy Mermaid movie on Nick Junior on March 10th. Audrey Grace loves Lala-Oopsy and was thrilled to receive these special dolls – which are perfect for spring. The large doll that we received has a color-changing mermaid tail when you put her in icy or warm water that we tried out in the bathtub later. It even came with it’s own squirty friend to make sure that she can drive her brother crazy at the beach this summer.
lalaoopsie 4

She also loved the Lala-Oopsy Littles doll that we received – she especially loved the little starfish pouch that her new mermaid could sleep in – “kind of like a starfish sleeping bag!” she exclaimed.

The new Lala-Oopsy Mermaid doll is available exclusively at Walmart and retails for $29.97. It would make a great Easter gift – especially since it’s a fun water play toy for Spring!


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  1. Jerri says:

    My daughter LOVES Lalaoopsy but they kinda freak me out, haha. I’ll have to go find the new movie though – those I can handle (it’s just those little button eyes that get me!)

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