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Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD today! #ShowUsYourForce

0 Comments 06 April 2016

Growing up I always knew that my dad was a huge Star Wars fan. I remember watching a few of the movies here and there, but I was so young that I didn’t really remember the plot (or even the character’s names – let’s be honest).  In 1999 when I was a junior in high school I worked at the local movie theater and as a gift to my dad I scored us tickets to the midnight opening of very first of the prequel trilogy – The Phantom Menace. I remember the very beginning of the movie, and then as the story goes, I nodded off for the rest of the movie!  Two hours later as the credits began to roll everyone in the theater started cheering – and I jumped about 10 feet out of the air – so confused as to what was going on!

Audrey Grace Star Wars Viewing Party 2.0


This time with Star Wars: The Force Awakens I was determined to make it through the entire thing.  I steeled myself, honestly, not expecting anything very interesting and also expecting to be quite lost – I had no clue what any of the other films were about.

I’m happy to say that could not have been more wrong.  It was excellent. I loved every minute of it – I didn’t even want to leave my seat to go to the restroom because I was afraid I would miss something.  I also may have come home and instantly started googling theories as to who “Rey” really is – which is when I knew I had crossed over into Star Wars fan territory!


AG and Dogs - Star Wars Party edit 2 (1)


If you haven’t seen it yet, it is definitely one of those movies that you should purchase for the whole family because it is an instant classic that you will find yourself watching over and over again.  And good news – today, April 5th, is the official release of the DVD!  Even better – check out the special edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD’s that are available exclusively at Walmart with special packaging and Galactic Connexions Trading Discs that you can’t find anywhere else!

AG Star Wars

Tonight Audrey Grace and I decided to #ShowUsYourForce – so we changed into our PJs and had a special DVD release viewing party! I whipped up a special batch of BB-8 popcorn (popcorn with orange M&Ms) and we snuggled up on the couch with the super-soft Star Wars: The Force Awakens blanket that I scooped up at Walmart.  And of course, we had to wear our special glow-in-the-dark galactic jewelry – you know, to support the Resistance!!

BB8 Popcorn

We had such a great time hanging out and watching The Force Awakens – and I was super excited to introduce my daughter to an epic series where the latest installment has an amazing heroine – such a wonderful, unexpected, and much-needed change.

How would you host a DVD release party for your family?  Let us know by sharing it on Insta, Twitter, or Facebook and hashtag it with #ShowUsYourForce!


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