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Prevent a Kate Middleton Bum Shot: How to Keep your Dress from Blowing Up on Windy Days

10 Comments 30 May 2014

Warm weather equals summer dresses. A summer dress plus an unexpected gust of wind can equal mortifying dress lift off.

And if you’re Kate Middleton, you can count on that…umm…cheeky moment to be captured in paparazzi shots, or in this case by members of the public, just as it was during her Australian tour when she wore that utterly fabulous, yet unfortunately floaty, Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. Even worse, the offending image was sold to a German tabloid who then published the shot.

We commiserated with the Duchess, really we did. Howeverwe have to admit, it was kind of reassuring to know that even a royal isn’t exempt from the occasional skirt fly-up. You can be though, with a few preventative measures.


kate middleton dress blowing up in Australia

Photo Credit: CDN Images


1. Think Fabric & Silhouette

Gauzy, lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk and some synthetics are more susceptible to blowing up. No one expects you to reach for wool in June, but even fabrics with a bit more heft, like linen or knit jersey will help you keep everything in place.

You should also consider your skirt shape on windy days. Full short skirts, or skirts with pleats (think Marilyn Monroe’s infamous subway grate moment) give wind more access under your dress. Instead, choose pencil skirt silhouettes, or a skirt that drapes well against your legs.  Some of Kate’s previous looks probably would have served her better on that occasion and possibly have prevented her latest wardrobe malfunction.


Kate Middleton Sheath Dress


2. Get in Slip Shape

Take inspiration from generations past, and don a half slip, or its modern incarnation, shapewear, under your dress. Not only does it put an additional barrier between your bum and the world, but the friction between fabrics can make them cling and act as an invisible adhesive.  We recommend the Commando half-slip from Nordstrom, or really any pair of Spanx will do.  It’s not just about sucking it in ladies, it’s also about not letting it all hang out!


3. Weigh it Down

If you have a favorite dress or skirt that is particularly vulnerable to a wardrobe malfunction, just add in a couple of hem weights. A tailor can do this for you inexpensively by sewing coin-like weights, or a chain, into the seam at your hemline.  Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth has been doing this for years – and something I’m guessing our favorite Duchess will adopt soon enough as well!




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  1. You can also use our app! It tells you when it is too windy to wear a skirt! for free!


  2. Stacy B says:

    But OHHHH that dress. I’m stalking one on Ebay.

  3. Janaya says:

    Oh but I sure did love that dress, didn’t you? Maybe dress weights would have been the right call for poor Kate. :)

  4. Lola says:

    Love that your post focused on HOW to prevent it. Maybe we all need a refresher class on how to act like a lady? Ahem, Kate. You, too.

    Great tips!

    • Erika says:

      I always say that being a lady is something that can be learned, so I agree. It does seem some of these things are starting to be considered “old fashioned” but I think that incidents like this one show us that we need to focus on them more than ever!

  5. Trish says:

    Ugh poor Kate – but you would think that by now MAYBE she would have considered the use of a slip, right? Or at least some granny panties?!?! lol


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