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Buzzle Ball Review: A New Take On Puzzling

0 Comments 25 August 2014

Buzzle Ball Review


In the past I’ve talked about working out and keeping my body in shape, but did you know that your brain needs frequent workouts, too?  Just like your physical muscles, your brain needs lots of mental stimulation and activity to keep it sharp and working to its fullest.  There are many ways to stimulate your mind, but one of the most recognized ways to do so is through doing puzzles, like this one called “Buzzle Ball”.

Walmart sent us a Buzzle Ball to try ourselves and the concept is really cool.  The Buzzle Ball is billed as a new twist on puzzling.  It is solid green on one half, solid blue on the other, with a grey ring around the outside.  The entire puzzle rotates in many different directions, including in half, and before we knew it we had spun it so far from its original configuration that I wasn’t sure we could ever get it back.


Buzzle Ball Puzzle Ball Review


Not only do I enjoy the Buzzle Ball, my 7 year old daughter is having a blast with it as well.  Though the box recommends it for ages 8 and up, she definitely understands the concept (similar to that of those colorful cubes from decades past) and has really enjoyed challenging herself to solve the puzzle.  In addition, my husband has enjoyed having it on his desk here at home for when he needs to take breaks from working–he enjoys having something that keeps both his hands and his brain busy and it helps him to refocus on what he wants to work on next.


Buzzle Ball like rubiks cube


The Buzzle Ball has quickly become the most sought-after item in our house – it has been on both car rides and flights with us and is still keeping us all occupied.  Of course, none of us have been able to solve it yet–but we are determined that we can do it, so we refuse to check out the options for solving it on the Buzzle Ball website.

The Buzzle Ball is brand new to Walmart stores and is available starting last week for $19.97.  It would make a great gift for any age, and it’s definitely something I’m going to keep in mind as a potential gift idea as the holiday season approaches!



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