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Morning Routines Made Easy With Walmart (Video)

1 Comment 10 August 2014

I cannot believe that more than 2 months of summer vacation have already gone flying by and it is already time to start getting back into a normal morning routine.  2 out of 4 of us in this house are morning people which is great (for them) but that means the other 2 of us most definitely are not.  Being that Audrey Grace and I are the two non-morning-loving people in this house, we have had to develop some pretty solid morning routines that focus on keeping us healthy as well as sane.  We partnered with Walmart to make you this fun video showcasing some of our favorite product that make our mornings just a little bit easier. (Be sure and stay tuned for the blooper reel at the end.)


Poor Audrey Grace has year-round allergies that, left unchecked, can make her absolutely miserable throughout the day.  She ends up sneezing and sniffling in class and I imagine it makes it nearly impossible for her to focus.  Our pediatric ENT put her on once-a-day Zyrtec which has made her days so much better. As a bonus, the adult dosage is exactly the same, so if I am coming down with a case of the sniffles I can just take one of hers without having to run out and buy a different type.


Children's ZyrtecChildren’s Zyrtec, 12 count.  $12.94 at Walmart


As Audrey Grace showed you in the video, she absolutely loves Lucky Charms and cereal in the mornings.  Most mornings I’m just thankful that she eats anything at all, but the nice part about a cereal like Lucky Charms is that I can pour some in a little baggie along with a cup of milk and she can eat it in the car on the way to school.  This makes my momma heart happy and keeps her fed and happy on those mornings where we just can’t seem to pull it together.  (Who am I fooling – that’s 4 out of every 5!)

I also make sure to give her her Omega-3/DHA and Multi-Vitamins every morning.  The Omega-3/DHA has been linked to higher intelligence levels in children, boosts brain function, and keeps things like asthma at bay.   The Multi-Vitamin covers my bases for the vitamins and minerals that she might otherwise be missing out on in her diet.  She loves the Lil Critters Omega-3 DHA ($4.84 for a 60 count) and the Disney Princess Multi-Vitamin Gummies ($4.27 for a 60 count).


Children's Multi Vitamins


And you guys, sometimes I feed her breakfast and 20 minutes later we are in the car on the way to school and guess what I hear?  “Mommy?  I’m hungry!”  I’ve stopped trying to fight in and I’ve just started carrying these Clif Kid ZBars in the car – they are completely organic, and they contain a bunch of good-for-you stuff.  They seem to do the trick, and they give her an added boost to face the day.  We bought a pack of 5 Clif Kid Organic ZBars for $2.98 which is almost 2 dollars less than I can buy them for at my neighborhood grocery store (and I just have to say that now with Savings Catcher you never have to worry about getting the lowest price because Savings Catcher will check all local competitors for you!)!




The best part is that all of these products are available at Walmart so if you’re like me, you head back once or twice a month to stock up.  And if you still need a little extra help staying zen in the mornings – check out my Café à Paris playlist on Spotify which has some mellow tunes to help you get your morning started out right! 



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  1. Aunt Gerie says:

    Audrey Grace is as adorable as her Mom! Loved the bloopers!! So happy for y’all,

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