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Smartphone On Demand: AT&T GoPhone for $45 A Month

2 Comments 27 August 2014

Well, it’s official. My daughter has asked for a phone. I knew this day would come but I’m a little bummed it came so soon.  She is 7, so obviously the answer is no.  No, she may not have a phone because let’s face it, she still doesn’t excel at matching her own clothes or even […]

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‘The Avengers’ Augmented Reality App Review

No Comments 29 April 2012

The Avengers comes out on May 4th, and Morgan is pretty psyched about it. At least half of the people who live in this house are huge Superhero fans. The other half of us, well let’s just say we prefer to keep the company of Princesses. Or better yet, a Duchess. (more…)

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HTC One X: The Phone That Makes Me Seriously Consider Android

No Comments 28 April 2012

If you can’t tell, the Chic Dad is having phone fatigue. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a long time now – since about the day they came out – and I’m starting to get the itch to try something new. I looked at the Nokia Lumia 900 and thought it was impressive, and now […]

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lots to to in line

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Lots To Do In Line Turns Long Disneyland Lines into a Game

2 Comments 24 April 2012

A new book and companion iPhone app, Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland, has set out to turn the oft-long lines of Disneyland into a game that the entire family can play. When Erika told me about it, I had to try it out. For the Chic Dad, long lines mean lots of carrying, lots […]

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Nokia Lumia 900 Blue

Chic Dad, Technology

Nokia Lumia 900: Can it Replace Chic Dad’s iPhone?

1 Comment 23 April 2012

If you haven’t been following along, you could be forgiven for not knowing that I am a little too obsessed with new technology. It’s not healthy for me or my wallet. The Chic Shopper Chick would also appreciate if I put down my iPhone a little more often. But could her wish come true with […]

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Grab Galileo Before it and its $85 Price Tag are Gone from Kickstarter

No Comments 17 April 2012

Erika says I’m addicted to Kickstarter, and that may be so, but it is only because the site is home to innovative products like the Motrr Galileo. The Galileo is an ingenious piece of hardware that lets you move and rotate your smartphone remotely, with any other iOS device. No matter where you are, you […]

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Wonders of the Universe App How Stars are Made

Chic Dad, Featured, Kids, Technology

“Wonders of the Universe” Delivers Wonderment on the iPad

1 Comment 16 April 2012

Hi everyone, Chic Dad here. You may remember me from my Father’s Day tech gift guide; but since Erika and I are just a few short months from being married, we thought why not add one more thing to our plate and add a Dad and Technology section to Chic Shopper Chick? So here we […]

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Picplum: The Perfect Gift For The Holidays {A Giveaway}

6 Comments 12 December 2011

  I remember the day that I discovered picplum very clearly. It was August 19th, and I was flying back to Louisiana for my 29th birthday after having spent 3 weeks in Southern California with my fiance’ and his son. It was actually the last time I would ever fly “home” to Louisiana and I […]

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Holiday Gift Guide: RCA USB Wall Charger and Wall Plate

1 Comment 15 November 2011

    Thanks for checking out my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! Be sure to check out Our Ordinary Life and Mommy Mandy for more great gift ideas! * * * (more…)

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Xoom, Xoom, Xoom with Motorola

No Comments 16 August 2011

Motorola contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in learning how the Motorola Xoom Tablet would pretty much rock my world/improve my life. Well, if you know much about my often-unorganized, more-than-chaotic life then you know I all but tackled the computer in order to respond with a very casual […]

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 Edition

4 Comments 31 May 2011

Happy Almost-Father’s Day to all of you lovely Chic Shopper Chick readers. It’s the site’s resident dad, popping back in for my second annual Father’s Day Gift Guide. Now that me and Miss Shopper Chick are engaged, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with her, I mean you, some of the […]

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Dyson Digital Slim DC35: A Lifesaver

No Comments 03 May 2011

This week I have another great video made specifically for the Walmart Moms to share with you all about the Dyson Digital Slim DC 35. It’s really cool to watch this video and see how much engineering and thought goes into the making of one of these vacuums – it’s actually rather incredible. However, before […]

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The Dyson DC35: Digital, Slim, Powerful

No Comments 26 April 2011

4 years ago I wanted one thing for my birthday – a new vacuum cleaner. After purchasing one that cost me quite a bit of money I used it for about 4 months before it bit the dust. Luckily, later that year Dyson came to my rescue with a truly drool-worthy vacuum (yes, I just […]

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New Year’s Heath Goals – An Update

2 Comments 12 January 2011

Last week I posted some very exciting, life-changing news – I’m engaged! Because of that, and because a new year is always a great time to set goals for myself, I have been trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I want to cook more frequently, more low-carb and I want to lose a few […]

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