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‘The Avengers’ Augmented Reality App Review

0 Comments 29 April 2012

The Avengers comes out on May 4th, and Morgan is pretty psyched about it. At least half of the people who live in this house are huge Superhero fans. The other half of us, well let’s just say we prefer to keep the company of Princesses. Or better yet, a Duchess.

Either way, when I heard that Walmart was introducing a new AR app (that’s ‘augmented reality’, for those of you who are clueless like I was before our resident Chic Dad explained it to me) to celebrate The Avengers coming to a theater near you, I knew the Superhero fans in the house would want to check it out. So today we loaded up the family and headed to our local Walmart where we had an absolute blast taking photos with our favorite superheros. Even the resident princesses in our family got in on the fun!



As you can see, the app has a photo-taking portion which places life-sized versions of the Superheroes next to you in the store. People in the store were looking at us like we had lost our marbles, mostly because to passers-by it looked like we were just posing with a random in-store Avengers display. Luckily, my entire family marches to their own beat and we just laughed it off. The photos are totally awesome and our kids got a huge kick out of seeing themselves with the Superheroes. I did notice that we are a bit blurry in each of the photos, and I wish that there was a way to remedy that within the app (touching to focus as I normally would didn’t seem to change that), but it didn’t diminish the overall awesomeness of taking photos with our favorite Superheros!

The app also comes with a game, which Morgan said was “actually pretty cool”. Apparently when he played it here at home, it looked like there were ships and bad guys trying to attack him in our living room. Check out the video below, which will tell you more about it:

While I think the app is pretty cool overall, there are a couple of things that I feel could be improved – namely that the app is huge, so takes up a good bit of memory on your phone, and that it takes a while to initialize – so if you’re going to use it I would advise downloading it and initializing it before you go to the store. My other complaint is that the download button on The Avengers page on brings you to a PDF with a QR code, which you then use to download the app. To me that entire process is a little clunky, and I’d much rather have a direct link to the App Store. Once you get past the initial download process and initializing of the app, the whole experience is pretty awesome.

If you have gamers or SuperHero fans in your home, you’ll definitely want to check out the SuperHero AR App that is available now in the app store or on


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