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Ultimate Guide To Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Fashion: Week 3

21 Comments 02 June 2012

Emily Maynard Fashion
Image of: Emily Maynard Fashion

It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been traveling for work, had a million deadlines, and even though I’ve had this post in draft for over a week now, I haven’t had a chance to round it out and post it for you.

But, I’m getting so many emails now asking about episode 3 Bachelorette fashion that I couldn’t bear to not post this and let you all down. Plus, it was a lot of work! Want more Bachelorette Fashion? Catch up on what you’ve missed so far!

I’ve gotta be honest, there were a few awesome items that Emily Maynard wore in week 3 of the Bachelorette that will make it into the ‘Bachelorette Fashion’ archives, and then there were some well, not so much questionable, but perhaps ‘forgettable’ choices.. While I generally love Emily’s style – I’m surprised that she chose to wear her own grey and white striped top on the date with Arie. I thought it was a strange choice with shorts and boots – but since I live in California I suppose I should be used to that sort of mix. I really loved the dress that she was wearing on their date later that evening, however, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to ID it yet. I’ll update this post when I do.

What were your favorite looks from Emily’s Maynard‘s third week as The Bachelorette? Share yours in the comments!

Emily Maynard green and white striped top the bachelorette

I loved Emily’s green and white striped top – Joie is one of my favorite lines – and it comes in some other colors as well, including solids. You can find the Joie Aceline Striped Top on sale right now at Neiman Marcus.

Emily Maynard shoes

Emily paired her Joie top with these Wildfox Friday night cutoff shorts in cobalt blue, and Ivanka Trump Pia sandals in gold.

Emily Maynard

On this date Emily also wore her Towne & Reese ‘Elena’ ring.

Emily Maynard skirt

I love love love love LOVE this sequin skirt by Haute Hippie – it has a very fun print and feel to it. While I am able to find photos of it at stores in the US, I can’t actually find it for sale anywhere except at Harrods in the UK. Also, I was told that Emily’s blouse is a Haute Hippie blouse that is not currently for sale for whatever reason (it could have been a sample, first run, or older piece) but I’ve found this version that includes embellishment with sequins. I’m not 100% sure that information is correct, but you can check out the Haute Hippie website for a printed version with embellishment – looks pretty darn close to me.

Emily Maynard Fashion Motorcycle Tank Top

I loved this super-cute motorcycle tank that Emily wore on her date with Chris, too bad it is now sold out Urban Outfitters. Don’t worry, breeze into a local Forever 21 and pick up any graphic tank that you see – it’ll give you the same effect.

Emily Maynard Ring

Emily’s ring on this date definitely caught my eye – I loved that she was wearing a letter “r” for Ricki. That is something I would do in a heartbeat – we know exactly where Emily’s heart lies during this entire journey, now don’t we? This ring would make a great gift – it’s the Petite V Typewriter Key Letter Ring.

Emily Maynard Leather Jacket

I really, really liked Emily’s leather jacket from her date with Chris – I have a thing for modern-looking leather jackets. They just seem so chic, and not just everyone can pull it off. Plus, I really liked the combo of the leather jacket and motorcycle tee – brilliant. I originally had a different ID on this jacket, but I actually think it might be this June leather jacket instead .

Emily Maynard Fashion

Emily’s shirt from her date with Arie is BCBG from a season past and is not still available, and she is wearing the Wildfox Jane Fonda high-waisted shorts. Huge thank you to the Possessionista for IDing both of those for me.

Not a fan of high-waisted jean shorts? I don’t blame you – check out these by Joe’s Jeans or these at Forever 21 for an equally cute alternative. Emily’s boots are the Frye ‘Carson Lug” Boot (which I believe are also her own). And, if you can’t live without that top, our friends at The Budgetista suggested this Sparkle Stripe long-sleeve tee from Delia’s if you’re dying to get your hands on a similar look (and for $10 why not?!).

Emily Maynard

And for those of you who spotted Emily’s jewelry on this date – she was wearing the Egypt necklace by Robyn Rhodes and the Daisy Ring by Towne & Reese.

Emily Maynard dress

Last but not least, Emily wore a gold sequin Keyhole dress by Randi Rahm for the rose ceremony. I wasn’t a huge fan of this dress because, well, holy squished boobs, Batman! I think the dress should have done more for her, ahem, assets. Either way, she paired it with a glass of white wine and a gold and black ring from Towne & Reese – the ‘Sloan Ring’.

What did you think of Emily’s looks this week?

Your Comments

21 Comments so far

  1. Lori says:

    I completely adore this blog! Thank you so much for finding out all of these great fashions & where they came from! I LOVED the watch Emily had on last night for most of the beginning scenes of the final episode. Any idea where I could buy one or who makes it?:)

  2. Marie says:

    Does anyone know where she got her outfit from this week’s episode’s rose ceremony — the long grey/silver/black sequin skirt and grey tank top?

  3. Bissy129 says:

    Please please do last night’s episode in Curaco!! I need to know the tank/skirt she was wearing at the rose ceremony!!!! You’re the best!

  4. Jenni says:

    Do you have any idea about the royal blue maxi dress from the July 9th episode…I loved it. it was at the beginning of the show. I want one. :)

  5. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says:

    Emily is adorable and I just love her style!

  6. These are some cute pieces. I especially like the typewriter ring.

  7. Rachel @ YellowTennessee says:

    The typewriter key letter ring is adorable.

  8. Krissy K. says:

    Thanx u for taking the time to help us fashion crazed chicks by posting these blogs…I wanted to ask if anyone knows where you can purchase the earrings Emily wore on her dinner date with Doug in last nites episode (6/4) The earrings are large circle dangles with rhinestones..thanxx u

  9. Anne - Mommy Has to Work says:

    I like the letter ring! Cute!

  10. Hey Erika, the rolled shorts are Wildfox Jane Fonda

  11. Jenni says:

    i really like the ring! Great find – thanks!

    • Erika says:

      Andrea – those are definitely close. Turns out both pairs of shorts from this episode are by Wildfox – I’ve updated the post to reflect it.

  12. I love love the motorcycle shirt!

    • Erika says:

      It’s so good! I tried to order it ages ago but it has been sold out forever. I picked up something similar at Forever 21 though. :)

  13. trisha says:

    I REALLY love that jacket…totally gorgeous!



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