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25 Gifts that Will Wow Dad on Father’s Day: Father’s Day Gift Guide

22 Comments 29 May 2012

It’s that time of year again. The time where we take a day to thank the hardest working guy in your house for being a great Dad. Unfortunately, shopping for Dad can be a bit tricky. A stroll through the mall doesn’t leave much in the way of creativity when it comes to gifts. Let’s face it – most shops in malls are geared towards the females in the family, and picking through the postage stamp-sized men’s departments can send you quickly to the tie rack in hopes of just getting it over with. Don’t fall into this trap dear reader! Because while the mall is no place to find a Fathers’ Day gift, the Web most certainly is. I’ve rounded up 25 gifts that are sure to make Dad smile, feel cool and hip, and most important, loved and appreciated.

So get out your credit card and get your online order filled now. It’ll get there in time for this Father’s Day.

25 of the Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes $100 – If your Dad like casual footwear, or used to play soccer, there’s a good chance a pair of Adidas Sambas are in his wardrobe. And if he’s a duffer (or scratch golfer) he’ll love being able to take his favorite kicks out onto the course with him. Ask Erika, I wear my Sambas into the ground, and I’d wear them on the golf course if I had these, too.
gtar $399 – If your Dad is anything like me he’s attempted to learn how to play guitar at least once in his life. He’s probably failed that same number of times as well. Now there’s gtar, an iphone-driven learning guitar that combines the real strings and acoustics of a guitar with the game mechanics of Guitar Hero, all driven from your iPhone — which you plug into the guitar! If you get Dad this though he’ll have to wait. It’s a Kickstarter project and won’t be produced until later in the year. Don’t worry though, Dad will be amped (sorry, had to) until it arrives.
Otosan Cardigan by fodada $73 – fodada makes clothes for Dads. Simple, good looking, functional clothing. I’m particular to this cardigan, but only because I have too many hoodie sweatshirts to entertain another. But not only does fodada make great clothes, when you buy from them you support a great cause as well. Why? Because when you buy fodada, the company will give a portion of its proceeds to Giving Children Hope and Austim Speaks. Two charities focused on improving the lives and health of kids everywhere. Make Dad look good while doing some good too? Yes, please.
IK Multimedia iRig Mix DJ Mixer $149.95 – Ask your Dad, and he’s likely to admit that he’s “DJed” at least one fraternity party back in the day. So what if he did it switching a couple of memorex mix tapes back and forth between a couple of jury-rigged players hooked up to his friend’s massive stereo system? No matter. Once a DJ, always a DJ. And now, with the iRig DJ Mixer, Dad can fire up the iPads typically used for E-Trade and Angry Birds and unleash his inner Skrillex. Trust me – this is a winner.
Bonobos Redrums $88 – Turn on Dad’s Technicolor with these colorful chinos from Bonobos. I’m partial to these slim fit, straight-leg, salmon-esque chinos, but there are dozens of vibrant colors to choose from. Bonobos only makes clothes for men, so no matter what you buy Dad at Bonobos its sure to look great and fit him even better. But be forewarned, Bonobos can be highly addicting – you might just find that Dad has a new favorite store after getting his hands on these.
Man with a Pan $15.95- Have a Dad who moonlights as Jaime Oliver, or at least wishes? Help him take it to the next level with this cookbook made just for men. It’s not your average cookbook either. It includes dozens of stories about famous men who love to cook, plus 60 recipes of real food – not just grilling up heaps of ribs or making bacon tater tots – that the whole family will love. This is one of those win-win gifts. Dad gets to pursue a passion, you get to eat really, really well. Bon appetite!
1960s IBM 13.5″ Standard Issue Clock $235 – Take Dad back, way back, back to his childhood school days with this IBM Standard Issue Clock from Schoolhouse Electric Co. It’s 1960s industrial chic will look great in his office or study, and he’ll find himself staring up at it every day at 2:50pm thinking of you while waiting for the bell to ring.
DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer / Card Case $39.99 – If you’ve got a Star Wars fan for a Dad, and a computer geek to boot, double his pleasure this Father’s Day with the DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer. It’s ust about the coolest office accessory I’ve ever seen. There’s some assembly required; but he’ll put it together in less than 12 parsecs.
Mixbook Coffee Table Hardcover Photo Book $54.99 – You and Dad have memories that go back further than you remember. Why not put them together in a way that he’ll never forget? Mixbook makes creating personalized photo books, cards and calendars a breeze. Simply upload those adorable old photos from the Golden Years, customize and personalize it with text and thousands of free creative elements, and then publish.
Nike Fuel Band $149 – The quantified self is a big deal nowadays, but if Dad doesn’t clip his cell phone to his belt, you can bet your sweet tukas he won’t be clipping a pedometer to it either. Which is where the Nike Fuel Band comes in. The Fuel Band helps Dad keep an eye on his energy and activity levels throughout the day while motivating him to keep moving. The Fuel gauge leads the way. The more Dad exercises the more fuel he has. Great for active Dads and those that want to be.
Harry and David – So you say enough with the geek chic and give me something classic that is 100% guaranteed to make my Dad happy? No problem. Harry and David is the perfect way to send a thoughtful gift to dear old Dad. If you’re looking for a lock of a gift, look no further than Harry and David. The nice thing is that they put such a premium on delivering high quality in every gift they send. So win daughter of the year with one of these Father’s Day gifts from Harry and David.
Le Palais Des Thés, Teas from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka Box Set $65 – Sure, you can’t literally send Dad on a trip around the world this Father’s Day, but you can give him a taste of the Indian sub-continent with this delicious collection of teas from Le Palais de Thés. Dad will get 12 tea sample packaged in metal tubes and a guide to help him appreciate the tea in front of him. Give the Keurig a rest and enlighten Dad on the Zen-inducing world of a great tea.
Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover $59.99 – If Dad’s a reader, and a Kindle owner, this new cover will be right up his alley. Plus, if he likes to read at night, now he can read without keeping Mom awake. That’s smart of you, make Mom happy with a gift you give to Dad. Brilliant. This is the official case from Amazon. The light is built in, the case is made to fit the Kindle Touch perfectly, and the leather lets Dad know you think he’s a class act. Don’t settle for 3rd party, aftermarket lights that are more of a headache than reading in low light. Get the real deal – Dad’s worth it!
Cassette iPhone4G Cover $15.99 – We know you don’t remember a time before the iPod, but Dad does. He was carrying around a Sony Walkman before you were even dreamed of. Bring him back to the days of mixtapes, Peter Gabriel, and John Cusak with this awesome iPhone cover. If he’s going to insist on one, why not at least get him one that says – hey, there’s more to life than iPhone cases from SkyMall?
The Penny Complete Skateboard $99.99 – The Lords of Dogtown were a real thing, long before Heath Ledger turned them into indie super heroes. Truth is, Dad probably held his own on a Powell Peralta as a kid. Take him back with the Penny Complete Skateboard. Sure, it’s missing the whale tail of the Peralta, but he’ll love the smooth ride and easy to maneuver short board. Get Dad out in the driveway, but do your best to dissuade him from trying his signature kick-flip. We need him at the office, not in traction.
Nixon Rubber Re-Run Watch $100 – Nixon makes great watches, and watches are an easy way to give Dad’s wardrobe a little shot in the arm at a price that won’t break the bank. This version is rubber, with a bold teal stripe right on the face. It says, I may be in the office right now, but in my mind I’m kite surfing in Bali Hai. At least that’s what it says to me. Your mileage may vary.
T-Shirts by Homage $ vary – Homage makes great t-shirts that are perfect for Dad. Skip the faux vintage tees at Old Navy and get a shirt as smart as Pops. Vintage sports and pop-culture references abound on Homage, and there’s sure to be one that reminds Dad of what was once important, but now is long gone.
COACH Heritage Baseball Double Billfold $168 – COACH has unveiled a new line of wallets, card cases and bags inspired by the grand old game of baseball. Each is made with vintage leather, and carry the well-worn look of Dad’s favorite mitt. There’s something about baseball that transcends time, relationships and life itself. Give Dad a piece of that something with one of these wallets. If he’s a baseball fan it’ll likely be the last wallet he ever carries.
The Art of Shaving Straight Razor $135 – The Art of Shaving brings the craft and enjoyment of a good shave back to men everywhere. And what a better way to say “Dad, you’re a real man,” than with a straight edge razor? Right out of the old movies and into his hands. He’ll be able to boast to his friends that he can shave with a straight edge razor. It’s like being able to tie a real bow tie, times a million. See all of their shaving gift ideas, plus the razor, here.
DODOcase for iPad from $59.95 – The Dodo is extinct. The hand bound book is nearing the same fate. One San Francisco company is saving the book binding industry by keeping your iPad safe and secure. The DODOcase is a hand-bound, hand-made iPad case that is in a class all its own. I have one, and every time I pull it out, the people with cheap third party aftermarket cases ooh and ahh. And hey, it’s the case that Obama uses to protect his iPad. If it’s good enough for the President, it’s good enough for me — and Dad too.
gift card lab personalized gift card Personalized Gift Cards from Gift Card Lab $ vary – So nothing on this list really doing it for you as an appropriate way to show your love for Dad? Or is Dad more of a DIY gift kinda guy? Well, not to worry, you can still get Dad a gift card, while still letting him know you care. Instead of shopping for the generic cards at the supermarket, head on over to Gift Card Lab and pick out one just for him, just for Father’s Day. You pick the amount, pick the design of the card, and voila, they deliver your customized card right to the big buy. It’s a great way to say “I love you so much that I know you’ll be happier picking something for yourself,” while still taking the time to make it something just for him.
BIG BIG Pixel 8-Bit iPhone Cover $29.95 – You have Xbox Kinect, but Dad had Pong, Space Invaders and Mario. Give Dad the OG gamer props he deserves and the iPhone case to match with this 8-Bit cover. It’ll bring a smile to his face and his coworkers will think he’s cool for repping some 80’s nostalgia.
GentlemenSquare $ varies – Keep Dad looking good all year long. Hook him up with a GentlemenSquare subscription and tell him the first case is on you. After that, he’ll get a selection of dress shirts and ties hand-picked just for him and delivered right to his door. He keeps what he wants and returns the rest. Dad doesn’t have time for the mall, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to look good on his way to the office. I’ve written about GentlemenSquare before, you can learn more there.
Christina Cosmeceuticals Forever Young Men Kit Christina Cosmeceuticals Forever Young Men $60 – Dad’s so busy taking care of everyone else, that there isn’t much time left-over for Dad to take care of himself. And Dad’s not likely to say anything when you buy his shampoo and soap when you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping; but every once in a while us Dad’s like to feel a little refreshed and pampered — even if we never admit it. Which is where the Forever Young Men’s starter kit comes in. Get Extra-Action Scrub, Fortifying Aftershave Gel, and Age-Fighter Cream SPF15 and open up a whole new world of rejuvenated and great feeling skin for Pops. He might not get it until he tries it; but if he’s like me, he’ll thank you for taking care of him.
Dunkin Donuts Coffee Subscription $114/6 months – Start Dad’s morning off right for the next six months with a subscription that’s really an eye opener. Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee this side of either major ocean and has the taste test results to prove it. If Dad’s an East Coast transplant the gift is extra sweet, nothing like a little nostalgia to go with your best in class cup of joe. Subscriptions come in two, six and twelve month varieties, so you can caffinate Dad as long as you like. A gift that keeps on giving and Dunkin Donuts coffee every day for six months? Sign me up.

So there you have it–my top gifts to make this Father’s Day one Dad won’t forget for a long time. Have a favorite you think I’m missing? Share it with me in the comments. Have a Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Renee K says:

    Good list. Additional gift ideas for dad could be a beautiful Cast Iron Teapot Set with premium loose-leaf tea, especially if they are a tea lover! Plus tea is good for health!

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for sahring this great info. It realy helped me in chosing a good gift for my dad and he relay liked it.

  3. Rob says:

    There are a lot of things on this list that I would like to receive on father’s day and things I could give to my father as well. Thanks for sharing this awesome list.

  4. Shell Fruscione says:

    I found so many cool things on this list for MY dad- I’m not sure how I’m going to choose! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Katie says:

    I know that I would love that Bash Brothers shirt! I’d also love the Nike Fuel band – but I know my husband would love a bunch of that too!

  6. Anne says:

    Great gift ideas!

  7. What awesome gift ideas!

  8. Rachel @ YellowTennessee says:

    Great suggestions. I am always stumped on Father’s Day.

  9. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    Excellent suggestions! Love the Nike Fuel Band idea.

  10. Crystal says:

    Great suggestions!

  11. Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies says:

    I keep forgetting that Father’s Day is coming up so soon! Thanks for the ideas–I always get my dad the same thing and I need to mix it up a little! :)

  12. Stefani says:

    Great gifts you have listed!

  13. Anne - Mommy Has to Work says:

    Great ideas! Thanks!

  14. Great looking gift guide.

  15. Wow awesome gifts for dad!

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