Tahiti For A Night: The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti

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I have been meaning to write a few travel posts about our honeymoon for a while now. I really want to start writing more about the time that I have spent traveling because aside from my family – traveling might be my biggest passion in life – and one that for some reason, I rarely if ever write about.

I did something for our honeymoon that I rarely ever do when we travel. I used a travel agency. After doing a good bit of research on the various travel companies I decided to use Custom Tahiti Travel. I chose an agency but specifically CTT for a few reasons – they had a great online reputation, they had a quick response time when I sent my initial inquiry, they specialize in Tahiti only so they eat, sleep, live, breathe Tahiti, the prices were excellent and comprehensive, and my agent, Jackie, had personally been to all of the resorts that I had questions about so it was like asking a friend for advice. (Beeteedubs – in no way did Custom Tahiti Travel ask me to say or do this on my website – they didn’t even know I had a website – but I was truly so impressed by them that I would wholeheartedly recommend them). While the forums on TripAdvisor can be endlessly helpful when planning a trip like this – I wanted to be able to ask and get immediate answers to my questions – plus I wanted to have a point of contact while we were traveling. Most of all – I wanted it to be the most amazing honeymoon imaginable. Jackie helped me to do all of that.



manava suite resort tahiti bedroom

The bedroom area at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti. Brand new, super-handsome husband not included. ;)


We chose a 10 day honeymoon in Bora Bora – but because of our flights on Air Tahiti Nui (amazing airline experience, by the way) – we had to spend the night on the main island of Tahiti before going on to Bora Bora the next morning. Jackie recommended the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti for the 12 hours that we would be in Papeete. Since we arrived at something like 11 pm Tahitian time (2 am California time) we made our way through customs and then tracked down our transfer to our hotel. When we arrived at the Manava Suite Resort we just sort of checked in and stumbled to our room in the dark. We were pleasantly surprised at how large and comfortable it was – and we even had a lanai that opened right up to the pool area. It was dark, but that didn’t stop me from taking a few photos!


manava suite resort tahiti kitchen

Well-appointed kitchen area at the front of the suite.

manava suite resort tahiti

The new Mr. and Mrs. Brown. Preparing to brush their teeth in the bathroom, I believe.


The next morning we were up before the sun. I’m not sure if it was my excitement in getting to Bora Bora but for as tired as I was it felt like I was running on a full tank of sleep and just couldn’t bear to lay in bed once second longer. I think I was up at 5:45 am. I convinced Morgan to wake up with me once the sun was up and get dressed so we could explore the rest of the hotel.


manava suite resort tahiti infinity edge pool

Morgan stands in front of the infinity edge pool at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti with a view of the island of Moorea in the background.


One of the things that the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti is known for is it’s large infinity edge pool with a view of the island of Moorea. Being that I’ve never met a pool that I didn’t like, I insisted on checking it out!


Loved the infinity edge pool at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti.

Loved the infinity edge pool at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti.


Morgan, contemplating life on our honeymoon in Tahiti.

Morgan, contemplating life on our honeymoon in Tahiti.


While we were only at the Manava for somewhere around 12 hours it served us well. The breakfast that we had before our departure at the hotel was excellent, if not a little pricey. However in our minds this was the last stop between us and Bora Bora, so it was time to hop on a plane and continue our honeymoon!

Have you ever been to Tahiti? Where did you stay?

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  1. i love Bora Bora. Its my favorite place to visit. Your article and experience is great. :) I’m very excited to go Tahili and Bora Bora island again.

  2. sweetnana says:

    Beautiful Pictures. Great Article. Makes me want to hop a plane now and head off to Tahiti!

  3. Sylvia Walters says:

    Beautiful as always,(you). Amazing,(Bora Bora/ Tahiti)!

  4. Trish says:

    I just emailed my husband this post and said “Can we puh-lease go to Tahiti?” Let’s see what he says! This looks amazing! :)

  5. Jerri says:

    You are gorgeous! I love the photo of you in the water! Looking forward to reading about Bora Bora, too – I’ve always wanted to go there!

  6. Betty says:

    Oh my gosh. I want to go there. Now. Like, right now. Gorgeous – I’m so jealous (but totally happy for you, too.)

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